We can embrace transitions, transform from within and become the Change!

Change is a process to renew your commitment to yourself, your potential and your purpose. It is not a destination. Unburden yourself from a desired outcome and take the jolts, pivots, landings and falls as a learning on your pursuit.

Change was less intense and gradual and showed up as breakdowns at milestone transitions in life. Successful adult lives started with careers build on clear paths to financial stability and acceptance. In today’s complex world, these structures have crumbled and continuously disrupted.  

There is no clear corporate ladder to scale or a gradual ascent to financial stability or an easier path to happy relationships anymore!

Change can bring stress, uncertainty and questions especially as we are trying to build meaningful existence and stay relevant in today’s socio-economic structure. Today, meaningful existence stems from aligning our goals to our values and rising above structures and judgements of the society. 

In the complex world of uncertainties, we have to adapt by building plural identities in our work/life and in our social networks. We must build our own unique models of happiness and success. Change can be an inquiry on this path. 

Change starts in WhyZone by accepting that we are unique in our individual journeys but connected by experiences. We can be life-long learners and build our persona to match our unique pursuits. 

The foundation to begin this work is to build a DNA for Change. We all have the capacity to do this within a supportive structure. In WhyZone, you are provided tools, practices and reflections to nourish these nine-character strengths and create a self-sustaining, self-generating cycle of transformation

You are more than you consciously know. Step into development now.

The 9 character strengths to build


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