The Process

Linger in the query,
Reach deeper inside,
Find your true bearings
Search within and without...

In the coaching engagement we can support you In WhyZone to embody courage, to make choices...
to take chances to become the Change you desire.

Change can cause anxiety about the unknown. In this breakdown, we begin to question our situation and approach. In navigating this type of intentional or unintentional change, we are questioning our way of being. In a reactive mode we are either offensive or defensive about our positions. This creates a pattern and gets us stuck and overwhelmed.

A coach can provide the container to listen deeply, bring insights and distinctions and guide the conversation into exploring the situation holistically for long-term benefits. In a safe and trusting environment, we feel open and encouraged to answer the WHY behind our challenge before we jump to WHAT and HOW to resolve it.

A mentor provides inspiration and guidance to follow a path similar to his own. Training creates a learning environment to improve a set of skills or add new skills. Coaching is co-creating a unique path for your specific situation and co-learning to develop your inner strengths, expanding your access to outer networks and building cycles of action to foster courage and integrity in navigating challenging transitions on a consistent basis.

Coaching is an inquiry into the person’s – mind-heart-body and brings attention to all domains of life - work, relationships, security, wellbeing, socio-cultural environment, and tools that create your world. The intention is to allow the process of transformation focused on a breakdown in one domain, intentionally brings positive changes in many other domains of your life.

The Way We Work