Poetry is Meandering In The Meadows

Knowing your story through my story,
Your suffering through my suffering,
Your joys and abundance filling mine.
A call from my heart to your heart,
Hoping to make my words your words

Meandering in the Meadows, you come across a stream

On this side is familiar ground, holding your back

On the other side unknown allure, pulling you along

On this side you know every bird, the land, and the tree

On the other side is adventure, a call to discovery

Staying here is repeating the same, in pursuit of mastery

Going there is a new beginning, in pursuit of artistry


Meandering in the Meadows, you come across a stream

You pause for a moment, looking for a bridge – a connection

You see your own reflection and in it – a conundrum, a choice.

A voice says, “Be bold, choose the stream and neither of the sides!

The stream is the real flow that promises much unfolding,

at the upstream are the summits, bottom of the beginnings

and downstream are many turns and some forks for the failings


Keep going with the flow, and this going will be long

Perhaps there’s a chance – to be the ocean and the song!


@Yash Chitale

As you meander in the meadows, you begin to listen to the voices of your plural identities, their dialogue and tune into your pursuit of meaning, happiness and purpose. You will learn to get into the rhythm of vacillating between your identities and their diverging narratives and find the flow to show up with your many gifts.

The Careful Gardner

Be the Sky, seek your true nature

the magnanimous bearer of life,

as it shows any time of the day, any season

Nourish the lows with a rainy cloud

Cherish the highs with a sunny bound

Embrace the weather without care or call

And let it color you red and make you blue

take it all and thrive….be the rainbow you are!

An All Encompassing Sky

 Be the Gardner, the careful keeper

of your fragile inner sanctum.

Prune and prick every failing branch

and cry over every falling leaf.

Fret and fume over this state of despair.

and let it define you…

for now and forever…