CEO Testimonials

Rahul Pandey

- CEO, Bonzai Digital Pvt Ltd,
Stanford SEED Network Company

Partnership Visioning / Team-Building Workshop

“ As we undergo our business transformation journey as a part of the prestigious Stanford SEED program, one of the most critical pillars of our transformation is “Our People”. We needed to move existing middle management to leadership roles to take on bigger challenges and succeed in post Covid era, where we plan to scale our business from the Asian Markets to one with Global Presence. 

I chose InWhyZone Coaching with Yash Chitale, to help coach my key team members and help me bring this transition. Yash is an outstanding coach with deep experience in understanding people’s potential and directing it towards a successful transition. She worked with three of my leadership team members, and I can see a significant impact on them. Yash’s coaching helped them visualize and unlock their potential, which helped them become a better leader and, in turn, helped my company (Bonzai Digital Pvt. Ltd.) succeed. She has structured coaching which goes beyond impacting a company’s objective and helps people become a better version of themselves for life.”

“ I am grateful for her intervention and for helping coach my team to scale our ambition. We are continuing this partnership for our Emerging Leaders as I see many benefits in getting them on the Leadership DNA path early on in their career trajectory.”

Brent Martin

- Principal, MNO Architecture, 2022

Partnership Visioning / Team-Building Workshop

We are a fast-growing architectural firm and we recently engaged Yash Chitale to lead a company-wide team building workshop. We were looking to Yash to help us not only build camaraderie, but also introduce new ways of working together as a team. Yash exceeded our expectations by designing a fun, challenging and engaging event that went a long way to help us achieve our goals.  I believe Yash would be an asset to any organization looking to connect and grow.