Linger in the query,
Reach deeper inside
Find your true bearings,
Search within and without...

There is “happiness in pursuit” – this linear and spiral flow of searching, learning and interpreting inspires a renewal through my poetry. As a poet, I am in the WhyZone of my Development. In here, I embrace my plural identity and learn to thrive in transitions.  

In the whitewater world, together

In the whitewater,

we are together.

Navigating the currents

resurfacing awash at times

and high and dry at others.

Every jolt is a chance

to pause and assess,

all that is on the surface

and all hidden under –

a lifelong quest to

coast to calm waters.


Sensing back to years,

carefree and buoyant.

World was our oyster

and decisions in front

I share the excitement,

concern and cause to

step into it all….


And again, sensing forward

in mid-stream, burdened

and yet hopeful after all.

One too many waterfalls,

yet to conquer, tide across

I hold the curiosity and hope, 

let’s make it our call…


 @ Yash Chitale


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I am Yash Chitale -poet, coach, architect, designer, and entrepreneur. In my work, I strive to bring the  gifts from all these narratives that have shaped me to help and support those who cross my path. I inhabit two worlds – physically I work as an architect in San Francisco, live in Millbrae, California with my husband and two kids and spiritually, I lean into my metropolitan upbringing from Mumbai, India

There is “happiness in pursuit” – this linear and spiral process of searching, learning and changing leads me to my first love – poetry! In her  company, I am meandering in the meadows of Yosemite – up above the valley, and yet not at the peak. There are many choices all around to conquer different summits and yet you linger longer. As a creative soul – poetry, design, conversations, people, their worlds and being present in their journey resonates with my way of being. I am on this path, where all streams merge to create an ocean of wisdom and value. As a poet, I discover more of myself every day. I am in the Whyzone of my Development. In here, I am a life-long learner, stretching from within,  finding my true bearings and embracing plural identities to thrive in transitions.

Our legacy is like footprints on sand, only to be erased by the next wave….and yet there is joy in walking alongside each other. 

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