My Journey

Getting to .....the whyzone

Meanderings - In search of identity and Purpose

Q1 2016

Busyness, Compromising  leadership position, Limiting Options and Sense of Failure towards self, my family and people at work turned me to seek help from a Coach. I needed outside perspective to make sense of my situation.

Q2 2016

Education of a Value Investor by Guy Spier’s Learning – Cut the noise, find the signal. 

The Choice by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Learning – Compromise clouds clarity

Q3 2016

Crossing the Unknown Sea – Work as Pilgrimage of Identity by David Whyte

The new narrative of “Poet in the Workplace” unlocked the view to the foreground and background of my own situation and of others in my world.

Q4 2016

2 weeks immersive introspection filled me with an urge to face REALITY and make a CHANGE.

The dream to build a workplace culture of opportunity and camaraderie left unfulfilled. 

Learning – Letting go is not giving up your dream. Its renewing your vows to values.

Q1/Q2 2017

With each client, I gained insights + distinctions about my coaching style. Clients are trapped in older narratives that don’t serve them anymore. Their inner critic holds them back, they get into self-defeating patterns and lose confidence and clarity. Our work is to shift from “Why me to Why not me” in facing CHANGE.

Q3/Q4 2017

As my Clients began to confidently navigate their transitions, accept their individuality, articulate their present needs and build goals from here on now….I felt JOY. They  renewed commitment to self, others and their life’s work and I found VALUE. This brought clarity to my poet-coach identity!


As a coach/facilitator and leadership consultant/instructor, I experimented with group coaching and introduced Leadership DNA modules to engage early, build unity around new paradigms and co-create shifts in workplace dynamics. 

Huge learning, moderate success.


At Stanford GSB’s Corporate Innovation program, I began to articulate my decade long experience in operations, organizational design and Innovation strategy with global CHANGE makers. A unique setting and exposure to concepts, resources and tools from distinguished faculty and staff was fertile ground to confirm WhyZone.


WHY is central to deeply connecting - with yourself, with others, your work and your world. WhyZone strives to build confidence and clarity as you face CHANGE. The 9-character strengths is a container for boundless explorations to support you, your teams and your businesses in navigating transitions and building a DNA for Change.